Three Effective Ways To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Most of us these days are a victim to lower back pain. Sometimes I feel like an eighteen-year-old stuck inside 50 year old’s body with all my laziness, that I’d rather term as physically conservative and back pain, that suddenly sprouted out of nowhere and is annoying the hell out of me. If you by any chance fall in to this category, don’t panic, almost 80 percent of the adults face back pain problems at least once in life? And fortunately for you, there’s many remedies out there to relieve the pain for common global problem. Read below to be enlightened on a few.


You might not be a fan of working out and would rather stand underneath the sun for seven hours than do few squats and stretches, but exercising is one of the healthiest and effective ways to get relief from your lower back pain. I know, with a back pain, it’s not easy to get yourself up and start moving your muscles, but you’ve got do it because nothing worth having comes easy. So give yourself a pep talk, and start small, be it a small walk, yoga or a dip in the pool. After seeking for advice from your chiropractor East Gosford, you could even start a daily exercise program that includes strength training and stretching. Visit this link for more info on chiropractor East Gosford.

Reduce Stress.

Stress. Again a universal problem that we’re all inevitably a victim to, whether its work or personal problems being the reason. Stress can cause tension to build in muscles, and this could lead to a pain in your lower back. Whether it’s a long term work stress, panic inducing mornings or stress resulting from a tragic event, make sure you’ve take necessary action to bust it. A few ways you could bust stress would be by resorting to mindful meditation that involves being aware of what your body is doing and using meditation techniques to reduce the pain. If you still feel like its something serious and not just stress that’s causing it, then do consider seeking a professional after surfing the internet for chiropractors for back pain Central Coast.


Yeah you heard me right. According to research, sleep disturbances can make pain worse and lack of sleep could affect the amount of pain a person can tolerate. So if you’ve got Gucci designer bags, or droopy ones that won’t make a difference whether you’re sporting a smoky eye or not, it’s big time you need to get rid of them. Remember it’s not about how long you sleep, but rather the quality of your sleep, proper comfort, and alignment of your sleeping position that plays a crucial role in alleviating your back pain.

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