Effects Of Smoking

 Anything we consume has certain types of effect on our body. It can be positive or negative but that negative effect depends on how a person’s body reacts to. That means he or she might have naturally allergic reaction to it. Then there are certain things of which there is no positive effect on the body. There are many and few are extremely common and society doesn’t think that it’s a bad habit. One such thing is cigarettes. A cigarette is very common and young generation is quite involved in smoking thinking it’s cool and makes you look more manly but what they know but still ignore for various reasons it that smoking is a slow poison not just for the smoker but also for the people around him.

The most dangerous effect of smoking is, the smoker loses the ability to think and use his brain without smoking. This, of course, leads him to smoke more and more and ultimately he is not able to function his brain without having a cigarette pressed between his lips.  This is the reason why smokers are unable to make themselves to even think of quit smoking Sydney. They don’t care how bad his health is affected and because nicotine is so powerful and so heavy on their nerves that they feel, to stop smoking is to stop their breath.

Effects of smoking on body:

Cardiovascular system:

Smoking is highly contagious for the cardiovascular system. It disturbs the blood flow and restricts its flow.

Digestive system:

 Of course, it also affects the digestive system. It increases the chance of having cancer in all the parts related to the digestive system. That because you smoke through your mouth and whatever that is entering your body through mouth will surely pass through the whole digestive tract.

Effect on skin:

Smoking changes the colour of the skin and not only of the smoker but also the one who is living with him. It is the reason or having mouth cancer. The people who are living with him and have continuous contact with him also get cancer.

Hair and nails:

People who smoke have a lot of hair and nail problems. The falling of hair and chances of having more fungal infections on finger and toenails is increased.     

All this is because of damaging chemicals in cigarettes. A smoker consumes these chemicals with his own choice but people around him are actually forced to inhale these chemicals. So, they don’t have a choice and their health is affected as well.

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