Orthopaedic Conditions Which Indicate The Need For Consulting A Hand Surgeon

Human anatomy is extremely complicated and have been a topic of discussion from centuries. Although we have made significant progress in understanding its complexity, there are still an abundance of things which we still need to uncover. Nowadays with the help of technology and image guiding techniques we are able to treat diseases and injuries which our ancestors once dreamed of. Our body is made up of multiple bones, trillions of cells, tissues and nerves which work together to help us function the way we do. Any damage caused to our nerves can have a great impact on the overall function of our body.

One of the most used part of our body are the hands. We literally use them for everything we do. Although for some reason most people neglect hand related injuries and wait for them to go away on their own until they become worse. Which is why in this article we will be talking more about the orthopaedic conditions which may indicate that you need to visit a hand surgeon.

Lack of Mobility

Our fingers have a complex structure which consists of different tissues and veins. If there is any damage to these veins then it can affect our mobility and make it difficult for us to even move our fingers. If you are having difficulties moving your fingers and closing your palm then this might be an indication of a nerve related injury. Which is why any signs of lack of mobility come in the category of medical emergency and visiting a professional wrist specialist is highly advised in order to get it properly examined.

Tingling and Numbness

There are multiple causes for tingling and numbness, although one thing remains common among all of them, and that is how uncomfortable it can be. Often times we would fall asleep and wake up feeling numbness and tingling in our hands, which is common. However, if this starts happening more frequently and at the middle of the day then it is an indication of an underlying orthopaedic problem and an appointment with a hand surgeon should be made.


Whenever we find ourselves in a problem the first thing thought of defence which comes to our mind is bringing our hands in front of the object. Which is why, hands are commonly injured during accidents. So if you find yourself in such a situation then it is advised that you visit a hand clinic Sydney if you start feeling pain, so the professional can determine if there are chances of a serious injury.

These were some of the many signs that you may need to visit a hand surgeon, so make sure you make an appointment and do not neglect the most important part of your body and make matters much worse.

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